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RoboRock - V1.3 Synthwave Loop
Vox Box Miscellaneous Loop
Another day in the world Solo Instrument Loop
Pondering a world long gone Solo Instrument Loop
SNS - 407 Solo Instrument Loop
SNS - Organ Trip2 Ambient Loop
SNS - Double Down Experimental Loop
SNS - Start with the skull Experimental Song
SNS - Kind of like a song Cinematic Song
SNS - I wish you well Cinematic Song
SNS - Peace in War Cinematic Song
SNS - VR Cyperspace! Experimental Song
SNS - Fuzzy Buzzsaw Experimental Song
GTFX - Ophas Synthwave Loop
GTFX - Sevox Cinematic Loop
GTFX - 074-1 Miscellaneous Loop
GTFX - Solace 2 Cinematic Song
GTFX - Solace Cinematic Song
PAL - We all go home Solo Instrument Loop
#1 Plunger Synthwave Song
GTFX - pŵer Cinematic Song
GTFX - Poe Cinematic Song
GTFX - 32-1 General Rock Song
SRSO - bowling for the gutter Miscellaneous Loop
SRSO - Rerax 2 Cinematic Loop
GTFX - At the end of an echo Solo Instrument Song
GTFX - Rerax Guy! Cinematic Loop
GTFX - 012_1 Miscellaneous Loop
GTFX - The road ahead Cinematic Loop
GTFX - Revenge at the Temple Solo Instrument Song
GTFX - Rise From Your Grave Cinematic Song
GTFX - The Watchers Drum N Bass Song
GTFX - High atop the mountains Solo Instrument Song
GTFX - Long Days Solo Instrument Song
GTFX - Fingerbangin Synthwave Song
GTFX - Static Field General Rock Song
GTFX - Layers - Semblance Cinematic Song
GTFX - Loop - Sound The Able Cinematic Song
GTFX - String Stretcher General Rock Song
GTFX - Loop - Pylons Experimental Song
GTFX - Loop - The time has come General Rock Song
CTD - Reeling General Rock Song
GTFX - Loop - Tidal wave of broken digital glass Experimental Loop
GTFX - Loop - Charley and the Crickets Heavy Metal Loop
GTFX - Loop - Drill a hole in your brain Experimental Loop
GTFX - Loop - Dun Dun / Nyah Nyah! Cinematic Loop
GTFX - Loop - Systems Check Video Game Loop
GTFX - Loop - The great beyond Cinematic Loop
Voiceover w/music - The Haunting Voice Demo Voice
Guitarland Echoes - I knew All Along Video Game Song
Doom Bro! Video Game Song
Guitarland Echoes - Into the Machine Heavy Metal Song
Guitarland Echoes - Flying Cinematic Song
Guitarland Echoes - The Sun is Back Solo Instrument Loop
Drogon - Prepare the Gates Solo Instrument Song
Guitarland Echoes - Over the Horizon Solo Instrument Song
Weirdo - Electro-Magnetic Effects - Guitar / Effects Experimental Loop
Guitarland Echoes - Reverbia Solo Instrument Song
Guitarland Echoes - The Builder Cinematic Song
Guitarland Echoes - 016_1 v2 mixed Cinematic Loop
Guitarland Echoes - All is Right Cinematic Song
Guitarland Echoes - Walking Stick Cinematic Loop
Guitarland Echoes - Slow Starter Solo Instrument Song
Guitarland Echoes - Electric Fire General Rock Song
Guitarland Echoes - Eardrum Double Dutch Cinematic Loop
033_1 v7 long - The pipes at longview Video Game Song
The Bells Video Game Song
032_1 v1 Reflect Video Game Song
047_2 mixed - Guitarland Echoes - Brain Stem Cinematic Loop
042_1 v2 1 min - Guitarland Echoes 3 - Loop Cinematic Loop
034_1 v2 mono - Makes anything dark Experimental Loop
048_1 v1 creepy - Guitar Video Game Loop
Guitarland Echoes Cinematic Song
Keyboard Kung Fu Loop World Loop
Guitar Song Experimental Song
Rubber Violins and Dingos Classical Song
The Forest of Mystery Ambient Song
Middle Eastern Skull Blaster Experimental Song
Escalated General Rock Song
Makes me think of Cosmo Canyon Cinematic Loop

2010 Submissions

Playing at the Library Classical Song
Friday Night - Lights Out Video Game Song
What the F is going to happen General Rock Song
Video Game Soundtrack Lv1 Video Game Loop
The Three Towers Video Game Song
Electronic Ear Rape Techno Song
Riverdale Video Game Song
Decay of the Species Video Game Song
Avondale Classical Song
Compressor Video Game Song
Eunomia Video Game Song
Septimus Severus Classical Song
And Now For Something Happier Techno Song
The Infinity Video Game Song
Insolvenza Classical Song